I am cold

Roll up the windows, turn off the fan, because it cold. I am not sure how it can be cold when it’s over 90 degrees but dad seems to think so. He thought one day last week I should turn on the heat when it was in the high 90s no way. Maybe I should get him a camo carhartt jacket and see if he likes that. At least he could wear it and not complain about being cold. Last night even though it was warm he thought I should close up the windows and turn off the fan. Nope they need to stay open. I think part of his problem is he scared to be alone in the apartment for any amount of time, and thinks locking up the patio window will keep people but in reality if someone is gonna do something the window is not gonna stop them.

Nice try Old man

I think dad thinks water will make him melt if he baths, drink it, or simple gets a bit wet. He does not like drinking his water no matter what we put into it to get him to drink it. It is a consistent battle to get him to drink enough water, use his walker and do anything that is healthy for him to do. Even sitting correctly on the couch he got half his butt off the coach and the other almost on the floor and then he wonders why he falling on his butt. Oh well.
If given a choice all he would eat is candy, pizza, burgers, and sweets or anything not health for him. I read a interesting article about wandering today, but I am not sure if I agree yet. I will have to try it, and see how it work.

Don’t get discouraged

I have to say looking for my internship has been well rather discouraging. I am at close to 60 contacts and 55 or so have been a flat no. I am hoping once I graduate that things will go a lot better than this for me. I mean shoot I know I need to go to a car repair person if my car needs a tensioners, but the normal tools that I would use to help me out, I can’t use. Here in Or. many companies are very committed to the local university. The ones who want to help, don’t have the correct licensures so this puts me at a place of a lost. I only have 7 more classes counting this quarter and three of those are internships.
Maybe a couple of the positive ones who have my resume will decide to help me and give me a chance.

I am gonna try to be professional

Let me start by apologizing to some of my readers, if you have tried to visit my page and it was rudely taken down. My page was taken down because someone wanted to abuse the copy right laws, after asking for their company name to be linked to my page. I am beyond pissed right now, all of the content on my blog is my own writing, these are my own thoughts, the only thing not of me is the contextual words that have links which those people have asked for.
I am angry because someone who wanted to abuse a system that supposed to protect authors, companies, artist, and ect has been abused and they abused it with me. I am pissed because MY blog is often quoted and or even reposted on someone else blog where they claim it as their writing when it is not theirs. I have never taken action against these people who take my post and claim it as their own. It pisses me off, they don’t even take the time to clean up the blog post, which many of the post I make have grammar and punctuation errors. I write the best I can but sometimes I overlook things.

So what gets me is that someone wants to steal my content, I do NOTHING to them. I have a company who asks for their Text to be placed in MY POST and they are going to try to tell me I have broken copy right law and didn’t even have the respect to contact the company they hired to remove the link from blog post. I went back to my messages where most companies will ask to have their links removed and went through all the messages to make sure I did not over look something. There was no messages from my company telling me to remove anything. I am sorry this was a abuse of the copy right law and I am angry, because I had to wait all day to figure out how to get my blog back up and running. My husband bless his heart actually worked on it for me, did all the contacting of the company who holds our blogs and went and fixed it so i could gain access to my blog.
I have not mention neither one of the companies, because I do not believe the company who paying me should be mention and well I think mentioning the company who lied about me and my blog would maybe be unethical or unprofessional. I will have to rise above them but I am angry. I hope they read this post and realize this is directed at them. Next time Contact the Author or the administrative.

Use the Walker

I am waiting for the day my husband dad falls into the corner tv stand because he is to stubborn to use his walker. The other day my husband and I had to go and sign out lease and found him on the floor near the kitchen because he fall putting garbage away. So I asked him why are you not using your walker, I don’t need it honey. Well your on the floor clearly you need the walker. Well I forgot it. We keep telling him he is a fall away from a broken hip. I try to keep the apartment free of stuff but can’t be helped if he falls into things. We have already had to replace one printer form being jarred good.
I wish i could put the printer in one of the closets but then it be hard to use it. 🙂 because there are no electric plugs there. Somehow we gotta get dad to realize his walker, cellphone, and wallet need to be on him. Just in case something happens.

Oh your friendly

I had to laugh at one of the cat’s who I thought was a stray. I found a collar on him, so he a owned cat. I fed him and he came up, he used to run and hid. The collar looked relatively new, so I think it’s safe to say he fat because he eating from everyone home. Then we have a cat we term him as bully cat, he got half his ears missing, they are healed well. He just looks rough and tumble, and he is very skiddish around people. Yesterday he came for food rather quickly and then looked at me like, yeah I gonna eat it all and look at you like your next on my menu. He seems like a nice cat just scared of everything.

Wow that was quick

I had to get my Oregon State driver license a week ago on Friday. I was shocked when i checked the mail and found both my husband and my license there. I have had my license in two different states and I was lucky to see it within the month, and they always said it had a longer wait. The DMV told me in about a week to 10days it get here. I honestly did not believe the DMV i was like yeah right i be lucky if i see this before the month is out because that how it works in most places. So it was a nice little surprise. I am loving it here in Oregon, the voting will be something i will have to get used to I think.