Interesting I think I used this along time ago

When I was in college the very first time I was a music major, I love writing music and it hasn’t changed. What I would love to have is a program that I can put on my home PC and plug my guitar in and have it tell me what I am doing or sing, I hate having to figure out what notes I am singing or how long the note is. This program would probably help me with the basics. This program looks like it might deal with sounds and effects to which is better then I had in college the first time.

Just come out and insult me

I hate it when people try to insult me but try to do it like a back handed compliment, I would rather have someone come straight out and not be giving fake compliments. I get that not everyone gonna like me or what I write about but at least treat me with the same respect as you would want me to treat you with. Now if you do not want me posting porn on your site, well maybe you shouldn’t include it in your comments to me. Grant it I would never post porn on someone website, because that would be very disrespectful. Or maybe I should do what some have done and just cut and paste the same words over and over in your comment fields. It annoying to have to delete comments the nice thing is I actually monitor my comments and approve them before hand.
I guess if you actually have nothing to say than read and just pass me by. Like my page says. Show the same respect as I have shown people who I visit. I go to many sites that I do not always agree with but I do not leave garbage, or links to other things that I would be ashamed if my grandma saw.

Blue are new addition

We’ve adopted a beautiful siemase cat who was abandoned, he was not fix or chipped. We’ve done that to him. He was having lots of problems outside with the flea allergy. So he is strictly indoors before I knew his problem was because of allergies I was gonna leave him be both a in door out door cat. Now that I know he got a problem I am keeping him strictly indoors. He is a very playful cat, he a little mischievousness and curious. He would probably play with goodyear industrial rubber hose if it was light enough for him to do so but i am pretty sure he’d find a way to do it.
He eats out of our hands and right when u call him for attention he comes purring. Very affectionate cat.

Otis seems to be good

My old cat seems to be doing really good, it’s now been well over a week since he puked. He hasn’t had the poohs neither and no accident outside of his cat litter. Lets see he is pretty playfull with Blue our newly adopted stray. Right now they are working on setting boundaries and learning what’s okay and whats not okay. Otis been sleeping with me at night but he’s always done that. Otis needs to gain weight and it’s hard to get a cat to gain it. However he been eating pretty good. So I hope he putting on weight I gotta get 4 pounds on him at the least. He likes canned cat food that I found at petco. He also likes his new dry good, I been giving him as much of the dry good as always and a half of can of food in the Am and before I go to bed. It works well for him. I have to watch the dog and Blue because they will bully Otis away from it. Blue gets fed by hands.

If I fall, I gonna squish you

Blue has a way to be under my feet. Yesterday I was trying to come out of the bathroom, he decided he had to be right there under my feet, I almost fall and I probably would have landed face first in his nasty cat litter. I told him, watch out I will squish you if I fall on you. I am pretty sure me landing on him would be a lot worst than being neutered. I do not need any gold because I got my gold gem in Blue and otis. To me they are worth more then any gold. Well anyways blue decided to try to walk under my feet again after i just about tripped on him. Then he followed me to the hall closet where I hold toilet paper, towels a couple clothing items and pillows and bedding. He decided he was gonna sneak in there while I wasn’t looking and Yep I wasn’t looking because when I shut the door I hit him in his head with the door. I didn’t see him he was just there. Then he ran away from me.. I picked him up and gave him loves and checked his head make sure i didn’t hurt him to badly with the door. Well you’d think the stinker would be smart enough not to be under foot after me tripping on him a few times, shutting a door on his head, and making him fall out of the cat condo. You’d think when I am on my feet he’d want to be more careful, nah he right here under feet.

Conflicting information

I am confused. So I am told by my vet that it’s not good to have a cat on grain free diets. My older cat vet, I am allergic to wheat grains and having pet food with it in the house sometimes causes me trouble. I have talked to two food nutritionist who said they need to be on a meat diet. I also talked to the person who dropped off Blues food his vet actually provides the food for my new cat. I really like this program but the dog and cat are not able to be on it. I get behavioral consulting and other stuff I will talk about that on my other plug for reviews later. Anyways I asked there person who delivered food and she also felt that what my vet said made no sense. So I talked to a second nutritionist and was told the same thing. So know I have three people telling me something different then the vet. I found a low protein food which is good for otis. I understand and so did everyone else that protein that is high is bad for cat’s with kidney troubles so they need high quality food. I was surprised one low protein food had a bunch of ash content which is bad for cats too. Now I have otis eating the new diet mix in with his old diet so I don’t give him a upset stomach because of suddenly changing his food.
So why would a vet think putting a cat on a higher grained diet be good when cats are normally cavernous wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the grains out of their diets since they do not eat grains normally out in the wild. I found a couple of good grain free foods for Otis I am trying one with the lowest protein. We found one food which was for urinary tract it had 40% protein and over 10% ash seriously how can that even be close to being good.
I guess I am just confused and I hope my choice to not put him on a prescription diet will be okay. I have a friend who said there cats got worst with it and then they changed it to another better more whole cat food and the cat has no signs of trouble.

Edinburgh Scotland

I have never been there, closest I have been is England in high school and I loved the countryside out there. It’s beautiful over there. I wouldn’t mind going back and visiting Edinburgh after finding some fun things a person can do there. They have a science museum that is made from what looks like a tent this could be interesting and looks a lot bigger than any science museums I have been to in the States.
One attraction that Edinburgh is an inactive volcano, that can be climbed this seems interesting to me, I wonder how long it has been inactive for, all I know it’s listed as an attraction there. Guess it better never start smoking.
Another attraction they had is a place where camera Obscura & world of illusion which allows visitors to view their world upside down this could be pretty interesting. They have a police museum which I have discovered online that said it houses the local police department and a museum which is a macabre exhibit this could be interesting for my husband who likes true crime, maybe not my cup of tea but he would enjoy it. One place I would be interested in are the Edinburgh castles I love castles they have always intrigued me and seem like a fun place to visit. We do not have any castles that I know of in the States, and I loved visiting the castles we went to with my High School.

A new pet

My husband and I recently decided to take in a abandoned stray. I am shocked at what people will throw out, or well leave behind. I do not have a high bred cat, Otis is just a Long Hair Domestic cat. Why am I saying this, trust me if Otis were to go missing I would be looking all over and probably knocking on every single door there is! I would not let him be gone for a month. If I allowed him outside the minute he show any discomfort from fleas or ticks he would be brought back in. I would not move and than decide to let Otis go forge for his self, NO I would take him with, he my cat. Otis relies on me to take care of him, I have been feeding him for many years, providing him with water, giving him medicines when he needs it, Cuddling with him, combing him, making sure if something wrong he sees a vet.
A few months ago this beautiful blue eyed cat started coming around, I knew him from a neighbor who lived near by me. He was a indoor out door cat, suddenly one they they moved and never came back. The cat is a Siamese, he very affectionate, we under foot much like a dog but that okay. He lost a bunch of weight, started losing his hair, and started looking like he will not make it through the winter. At least half his hair was gone from his back, so I got some over cheap flea and tick stuff for him, and later got hydro cortisone skin care for him, because he came to my patio and just stayed here. He never went far. He kind of picked my family. I would come out and feed him after I built trust with him, took a couple of months he would run to me. He would always try to come in. I figured his owners haven’t bother looking for him, he not fixed and well his skin and weight are going south. My husband and I talked one day about being worried about him. We decided to take him to a vet get him tested for anything that could be given to Otis our older cat and that we would adopt him make sure his needs to are being met.
He was healthy other then a flea allergy. He misses outside, but I’d rather not have him go back out and start this whole process for him over. He is very curious. What surprises me most about him is he interacts with Otis and Otis interacts with him as if they have always been together. I was playing the other morning with Blue and Otis both and Blue slow down and played a lot more cautiously with Otis playing. I was surprised because I have never seen this with animals that they just calm down.
This week I was told Otis has chronic kidney failure, I have had to learn how to give him fluids under the skin, changed otis diet adding wet food, I need to get otis to gain at least 4 pounds. The good thing is he still playful, eating and drinking, and he still active. So hopefully we can keep him good for a while longer, because I do not want to lose Otis.
Blue is healthy so hopefully he stays that way. He very playful, he likes attacking me from the cat condo. but he’s lots of fun. Otis and him where earlier today lay close together, and blue when otis wasn’t feeling his great seemed to keep a eye on him and didn’t go to far away from eye sight is a strange behavior I think. Maybe Blue can smell Otis kidney troubles who knows. Blue actually used the cat litter right away and I haven’t even had to get after him to use it but for once when he didn’t want to use Otis litter because it was to stinky! Otis seems to only want to eat if i am seating right next to him. He hasn’t done that much. Blue will only eat from my hand or my husband hand or what I do not want him to eat.