Turn on the lights

I am not sure i like the lights they have put outside of my doors outside. They do not light things up well enough to see, but in some places on the property it wouldn’t be that bad of a thing. Normally I do not walk the dog after dark which is good. Maybe the lights need to be on for a bit because now it seems to be shining brighter but its been on for about 2 hours. I know our bathroom light is like that too, we have to have it on for a while before it works well.

I am getting tired of Trimet

I do not mind if they need to lane change, at least turn your signal on, or better yet stay in your own darn lane. This week I had yet again another tri met bus just about run into me what pissed me off the most was that they had a stop not even 200 feet but yet he insisted on being partly in my lane. At least I was able to move to the left turn lane. There has been several times where I have had to avoid a accident. It like they do not care about other drivers on the road gee lets run off the little car and not worry if we actually kill someone.

Save electric bill

Electric is always high in the fall though spring months winter is horrible. I plan on building plenty of fires pretty soon I will need to go and buy some fire wood. I am glad we have a wood fire place it makes things a little nice, and we might be able to save more money if I can have the heat off during the day in the living room and just leave the wood burn. I wouldn’t want fireplace entertainment center, it would be nice if I didn’t have the wood burning option, but I really do prefer the wood burning ones. I like the smell of the wood, grant it cleaning up after using it is a pain in the rump but I don’t mind to much.

Leave me get my homework done

If someone didn’t know me well, they would say my favorite phase is let me get my homework done and stop bugging me. My father in law is always asking question, that have nothing to do with anything. I have told him at least 10 times already today that I do not have to go in to work. Well not work but he at least thinks I am doing something. I found my internship and found it, it 16 hours a week right now so it is good. Dad was asking how he was going to get to church tonight. I almost told him you and your son are gonna walk over there!
Than he wanted to go at 3 in the afternoon when we do not leave till around 6ish or so. Oh well, at least Saturday this week I can sleep in.