Lets go green and use Mercury in everything

Okay so what I do not get, is why are we using mercury in our new energy efficient world. Okay I am all for lightbulds that save on energy but seriously if they break it’s mercury. Mercury does serious harm if not disposed of properly. It’s not like getting some the cheapest kitchen cheapest kitchen cabinet that look great in the kitchen where it doesn’t matter as long as they are good quality this is well putting hazardous materials in to our environment but yet we want to be green. I guess my question is how is being green using mercury. I get we need to use our resources wisely, but there has to be a better way.

No i will not play

We had a friend over yesterday with her daughter. I have to say blue was good, just scared he hid mostly under the coach I got him to play a little bit but he stayed right near the coach. Was like there’s a little being it’s squicky and loud and hmmm I think I might be scared of her. He first went into the room I let him there for a while and than decided to pull him out of the room and have him come out. I want him to learn that company isn’t a bad thing. I had the little one give Blue a treat. He didn’t want that neither. Blue is a mouthy cat so I am careful with him but at the same time he needs to learn and be socialized. Considering he just head a bit and didn’t have the tense behaviors he probably be good.

Why bother

I was gonna stop and get my mom something this week, but I haven’t had the time. Hopefully soon I will get my disbursment money so i can send her something. I do not need any packaging for shipping, I might decide not bother with mailing and order online from see candies here which is a place my hubby and I like they got great chocolate. So I think my mom would appreciate it but right now I just don’t want to much of nothing.

no one will hurt you

The news is not doing my elderly father in law any favors he is worried about being shot at because of what happened today at the school clear across the country and because of what happened on Tuesday at our mall my husband and I walk to. This week has been very difficult. This morning the first thing I heard was about a shooting, I couldnt help but cry about it it’s so heart breaking that K-4th grade where victims of a horrible crime. I am emotional a bit, so is dad. I know he can’t help being worried but he wasn’t at either one but the news has made him uneasy. Tonight ought to be a long night. I guess no news or his favorite channel I will just have to keep updated through my PC.

I can hear good

I like the new head phones I got a couple months ago. I can hear them even when they are not on my head, they play well grant it not as loud as I am not sure if I would ever use them but I have seen them used in several places, and they have a great sound sometimes depends on the song but it would be nice to hear it be remixed so that it’s easier to listen to. Often my problem is the music is to loud.

Call me

I hate it when people call me but then do not bother leaving me a message to tell me what the call is about. It would make it a lot easier if they said what they wanted, with a name and phonenumber they can be reached at. I have started my internship and I am shocked at how many calls I have received with no messages, dont expect a call back from me any time soon.