Music in Games

Am I the only one that thinks lately music in games seem just repetitive, I would love to hear different games in the same categories sound a more different. All battle music sounds the same to me lately, and it just boring I have a couple games I play that I actually turn off the sound for because the music is just not good. There are a couple games I love the music to, and it seems to fit well, I wish I Guitars maybe I need a collection of musical instruments, a new hobby to drive my family nuts.

Here kitty kitty

We have this one stray cat, he been coming around he’s newer. He started coming over to just claw on my screen I have told him to stop, and he will just look at me like what you gonna do about it. You can just tell the cat’s got the attitude of I am gonna test all your limits here. So the other day I tried to get him to stop clawing on the screen a few times even went out when it was really cold outside. Spent time with him, he at first didn’t want to be petted well that okay. Here kitty Kitty I just talk to you. So he decide he’d head butt my leg but don’t touch me. I decided it was cold so I’d go back in. No sooner then I sit down there’s that little bugger clawing at my window again, so I tried to get him away. Finally I resorted to the water bottle. Well that got his attention he comes over and eats and gets scratches on ears but he leaving alone my window screen.

I will walk almost everywhere

I might get a compass so I know which direction is north but I don’t think it would help me. I have my cellphone that seems to help me find what I am looking for. I could have walked to subway the other day and saved on parking but I decided to put a quarter into someone meter for them, which I probably wouldn’t have done if I would have walked, the meter was expired and I felt it was something I should do.
The other day I walked to the post office, i will say Vancouver Washington city blocks seem short.

Theres no snow drive

Okay I am editing myself a little bit here. I have lived in Oregon for over a year. This week I had to drive to work and we had a little snow, that was already gone by the time I left for work. I could have cussed out some people, they drive me nuts. I had a couple people driving like there was a foot of snow. I understand Oregon hardly has snow but come on there no ice on the roads, no snow on the roads, and frankly visibility was great. The only thing was it was cold and a bit wet. It took me longer to get to my internship and my supervisor was later than I, ops. I didn’t realize something but that okay, I don’t think I was wrong but I wasn’t right just something for learning and improving on later.
I drive with my lights on when I can.

If you knew all we do pt 2

Very seldomly does he try to get my husband and I both angry with him or arguing with him. Although recently he has been doing more of the let me argue with you both and than tell you, you do not love me. I told him the other day I don’t like you right now. He tried telling my husband that I didn’t like him, my husband told him. You where being mean to her, and she didn’t like how you were treating her, I mean I am not like apparel am a living breathing thing. I have feelings, and sometimes it hard not to let his words be hurtful. Especially when it seems nothing we do is enough or good enough in his opinion. He complains about everything even when it’s something he has asked for.

If you knew all we do

Sometimes taking care of someone with Alzheimer can be frustrating and upsetting. Dad has good and bad days, and lately it seems his bad days almost out weigh his good days. Dad has accused my husband and I of doing things we do not do. He doesn’t realize when he has no money to eat out, to take care of his dog, to buy new clothes or shoes my husband and I do it. We don’t complain about it, it needs to be done. He has needs my husband and I make sure they are met, we might let some bills go because we do not have the money to pay it for him, but we make sure everything is provided. Dad is angry because I am doing my internship hours. He tells me almost daily how I have wasted time getting my degree or going to my internship. It’s not a waste if it brings me closer to my goals, yes I do not get paid to go but I get experience which one day will translate into making a pay check and being paid for what I love doing.
Dad often will look for a argument, or will try to get my husband and I agruing we have gotten better at it. It seems that if he not happy no one can be happy.