We will tell you

Dad is driving me nuts, he doesn’t understand things. He asks quiet often if I have to work, when I am at home or if I have to go to school. I have one more class after this set of classes and 2 1/2 internships leftover. I am hoping to be done after the Fall Semester. So maybe I will be done end of November hard to say all depends on the internship. To bad I wasn’t able to get my hours down sooner. Dad needs his own zipper because it seems he gets his zippers stuck quiet often. He needs help now zipping his clothes and sometimes getting dressed.

Don’t follow me

The other day my husband and I took a walk, we often do.. There was this pretty white little cat, who decided he was gonna try to follow us. Don’t follow me, little snow ball kitty cat, stay near home because I am sure your owners won’t be happy with a lost cat. What I do not get is why people let there animals outside in a relatively busy area, people in our apartment complex don’t drive safely and the cat is probably gonna get ran over. I have had a couple cats come to the patio who have been hurt because of stupid people not being careful. I would rather not have cats or dogs follow me.

Stop biting

Blue is a biter when he gets hungry he goes after Otis or me or even my husband. He loves biting the fingers or my feet, the feet is worst. I have started calling Blue Pups lately when he stays under feet. He would bite on a mattress stores nyc if I let him. He chews on my hubby blanket or other things, he also found a way to pull down my socks for his entertainment it’s amazing what animals do to amuse themselves.

Dont honk at me

The other day I was driving down our main road on the way home. I think the driver would have been better served by a welch allyn otoscope because he just about ran head on into me. I was able to avoid him, instead of taking responsibility he decides to honk at me and flip me off. Seriously you just about hit me head on, you are not paying any attention what so ever and want to try to go into a 2 lane road that moving the opposite direction then u and you want to get pissy with me. I think not.

I need a nap

I went to bed late last night and the night before and had to get up early both morning. Tomorrow will be another early morning so I better be smart tonight and go to bed. Dad already been down for his nap for a hour. One cat sleeping, one cat washing himself and the dog is trying to make her bed. I gotta wash the dog bed, it smells. I would like to know why Shadow thinks she must pull kitty pooh from the cat litter into her bed, yuck irritates me to no end. Dad has been in a pretty good mood the last couple of days but he is always anxious.