Will need to take a walk tomorrow

Today I stayed home with dad he wasn’t feeling good hasn’t been for a couple days. He thanks I might go out and by a car but that right now is as likely as me getting school bus for sale because I am not spending money. He doesn’t realize I choose to take a walk more often than not, because I enjoy walking. Now if I were to get a bus it would be one that’s been converted into a RV so I have a place to rest if I want to go camping. A RV bus to me seems like it could be fun.

Five more minutes everytime you ask me

Dad every night around 6 or 7pm will ask if it’s 9 yet. He will ask about every 10 minutes so I told him everytime he asks I will add 5 minutes. Grant it I will not actually add anytime, normally when I do is when he had a very long nap and I need him up longer so he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking he has to go to work, or to a meeting. Sometimes he wakes up thinking if he doesn’t make it to his drill Sargent he will be thrown in jail. This will not happen because he no longer in the military but explaining this to him doesn’t always work because he gets angry and upset.

Some nice weather again

It has been nice taking the dog out for a walk. Normally I try to give her a good walk when it warm and not wet. It has been fairly nice. The birds have been chirping here and it’s nice and green. We haven’t gotten much rain which is nice, but where we live we get a fair amount of rain which is okay. A couple of the strays only come around for food and sleeping and the rest of the time i find them somewhere sunbathing which is good.

Fine I just stop into the office

Once again my insurance wasn’t ran through the correct checking account. 2 months in a row they threatened to cancel my policy this month they suspended it. Seriously call me if for some reason the payment doesn’t go through and I will work with you, to fix the problem. Paying my insurance should be easier then using a screw jacks. So I made the stop and made sure they had the correct checking account information and talked to my agent a little while.

At a lost

I am not sure what to do. My internship I was supposed to start fall though and I have contacted a lot of places. Now the question is where do I go from here. My school as far as helping me find a placement is useless. I had know what I know now when I moved to Oregon I would have transferred out, now I am in my last class. I had a interview today I am not sure how good it went, I actually think it went poorly I might be wrong.

Maybe a mic would work

I get tired of yelling at dad sometimes I wish I had a vocal mic to make my voice loud enough to be heard. Sometimes it get hold having to talk so loud that my throat starts to hurt. I have used plenty of mic when I have sang but some times they don’t much help because they can make the voice sound distorted.

I wont touch you

It seems that the strays here have some kind of understanding with me. One of them who was scared and dirty started headbutting my hand. The next day he wanted nothing to do with me, I allow them to make contact on his own. It seems the cats have also learned how to stand in line and wait for their turn to eat dinner. It really interesting how they do that but than again I did squirt them with water once when they was being difficult.