No more yelling

Dad got his hearing aids almost 2 weeks ago, it’s been great there has been a lot fewer arguments and him getting cranky because he thinks we are mad. It’s amazing how many things for him the hearing aids have helped him. Now my husband and I can’t talk in a normal tone of voice in the car if we want to keep something secret from him because he over hears it. Maybe his hearing aids work a little to good. It’s has been nice the last couple of week not to have to yell at him, we still have to be very direct with him about what is expected but we dont have to yell which sometimes makes us sound angry. These hearing aids are like the best for his ears and it’s nice to be able to talk to him.
He sometimes tell us his memory isn’t good because he’s already forgotten what had been told to him.maglie calcio poco prezzo

I will go where I can

I have found one of my favorite statements lately is, “I will go where I can find a internship”, grant it I only want to travel no more than 1 hour 30 minutes away from home, just because of gas expenses, this isn’t even ideal. In the long run I know it might pay off for me to take a internship anywhere i can find one that gives me the experience I need and is acceptable by the school. I am opened to learning and to trying things I haven’t tried before or that hasn’t been thought about because sometimes those offers that haven’t been consider will give the best growing and learning experience. maglia calcio poco prezzo

Not good

There are always two options when a car has a serious break down, replace it for another car or fix it which of the two will be less of a cost. I am hoping putting in a used transmission will be okay. At least until I start my career and my husband books take off more than they already have. The hard thing is being a student, we decided this time that spending 1300$ would be less than what it would cost us to get a okay junker, I have a concern about buying a 1000 car like my husband wanted to do because spending that little on a car will probably mean there are problems that will require fixing. magliette calcio a poco prezzo
It’s not like having a pear of spy optics, a car can be very expensive to fix but we need to have a car with dad living with us and me not being able to find a internship in a bussable location. We had some suggest car share program. I don’t think I would want to do that just because I don’t always know in advance when I need the car.

Lets take a trip

This weekend we decided to take dad to the casino. He likes going and we haven’t taken him in quiet a while. I had money left over in my account and dad had some for his gambling so we decided to go ahead and go to the casino and have dinner there. Well we stayed for a few hours between dinner, and gambling. No one won, but that okay. On our way home the car decided this would be a great time to break down. I put transmission fluid into the car, and it was fine for about 35 miles and than suddenly it decided it would go no further, so we called our insurance company. Thank goodness we paid for road side on the car. We still ended up paying 75$ because we didn’t take it to the nearest mechanic who can do the work. I wanted to bring it to my mechanic who has always been honest and easy to work with.
Well dad handled the situation great. For being 90 years old I am surprised at the amount of strength he still has or came up with last night. The tow truck driver most of the people his age that get drove by him wouldn’t have been able to make it into the truck.
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I am so glad we had the towing on the car I would have really been in trouble.

Cords or notes

I love playing guitar, I am mostly a cord type player but I like playing notes to. It is important to know the notes because it makes it easier to find cords no matter where you are at on a Casino, you know where all the notes are for a cord you can change the sound of the cord my changing it a little bit around. Occhiali Ray Ban
I haven’t had much time to play the guitar in quiet a while. To be honest I kind of miss it.

No more yelling hopefully

Dad got his hearing aids today. I think it will be great the Tv was on 25 which he normally needs it at and he complained that it was to loud. I am so happy we can talk to him in a normal tone of voice and he will hear us now. Maybe it will reduce some of the arguments. Grant it he will fight us tooth and nail to have them in his ears. He argues about wearing his glasses which he needs to wear, argues about drinking water, about eating, and I am pretty sure he will argue with us as soon as he forgets how nice it is to have everyone talking in a normal voice. Now we will have to get used to talking in a quieter voice and I guess these one will be great at lowering the volume, and not amplifying background noise. So hopefully this will go well.