Too loud

I think our local movie theater has to many pa systems on full blast this is the second movie out of the last 4 movies that I have had to plug my ears through most of a movie. Yeah not pleasant. I don’t mind having some loud volume but when my ears start ringing or having feedback type troubles it not pleasant. I go to concerts but often try to sit not very close to the speakers just because to much noise can be damaging to the ears and frankly I like to be able to hear it’s important to me. moncler outlet

Some people I just do not understand

I am in a pissy mood that started last night. I often take care of stray/abandon cats, I won’t let them starve. I had one cat who just showed up a couple days ago. He was so thin, and boy when he ate he ate so fast that he almost choked on the food. When I left he would stop eating and come and cry at my door. He had red eyes, was not well groomed and had buggers coming out of his nose and eyes. My heart just broke for him. I do not know how a owner can just abandon and cause a animal to go into such a bad shape.
I was told by one of my neighbors while talking to him because he knows many of the cat owners around here. I knew this cat was owned, but I also knew taking him to the emergency vet was important because he was painfully thin and so sick that he was just going to suffer his life away. So I told my neighbor where the cat was and if the owner wanted him he’d have to deal with the emergency vet here. They deal with stray animals and wild animals they are a rescue organization. I am glad I found them..
Well my neighbor told me the guy was a jerk and didn’t want the cat anymore so he refused to feed it and when it left he closed the door behind it. This poor cat was loving, very gentle little creature. When I went outside all he wanted to do was climb up into my lap and be close. He started purring right away and wasn’t like most of the strays and abandoned cats, that normally are so skiddish it takes months to build that kind of trust with them. Moncler outlet
I called the vet and found out this poor little creature had to be put down because his infection was to advance with his physical conditions. Seriously people if you do not want to be committed to taking care of a pet don’t adopt it. Once you take it in, it relies on you to take care of it’s needs. I am saddened I had to bring this little guy in when his owner could have sought out veterinary care for him. He just needed some training yes all pets do. I get this animals sometimes have behavior problems but they are able to learn and change those behaviors.
What pisses me off the most is my county has plenty of help for stray/abandoned goes but not for cats in this conditions. Cats are not treated the same as dogs even though they are just as loyal yes they are different, but I don’t think cats or dogs should be thrown away just because some jerk doesn’t want them. Cats should get a second chance too, not just dogs. I would have been lost with out Otis who is a cat. I have a dog, and I like dogs and cats equally as much. But I believe when you take in a animal it’s your responsibility to take care of them and well maybe get them to a new home if you can not handle them.