Almost done

I have my two internship classes to finish the one I am in and the one I should take in the fall time I will also have to take my comprehensive exams too this fall. I am going to be so glad when I am done and able to work a job that I get paid. Don’t get my wrong I like my internship site, grant it some days I have a love hate relationship there. But for the most I love it. I will probably learn a lot of valuable information and be able to use it. I am working in a recovery program, I can say I do not think drug and alcohol counseling is my cup of tea but it’s something I need experience in. I think I might decide in the long run maybe to focus on children, and battered woman. Even though I like my internship I don’t feel I am fitting to good in the field. But it’s a learning experience and probably more because of a huge lack of confidence, I think I need a free bankruptcy consultation on my lack of confidence. I haven’t never really been a approval seeker of people around me but suddenly I feel the need to have approval by others around me especially ones that don’t like me much. moncler outlet
I don’t often have many people who out right dislike me right away. Normally I make “friends” pretty easily and quickly. But Sometimes when people are like me I annoy the hell out of them. Well they probably annoy the hell out of me to sometimes but I accept they are like me.

Gotta be kidding me

I am starting to hate my Thursdays commute into my internship. This past Thursday I was late because it took me 1 hour to get through a place that normally takes me 10 to 20 minutes depending on traffic and the past 3 weeks I have almost ran late. Yesterday I gave myself 2 hours to drive a normally 90ish minutes drive and I still managed to be 15 minutes late. You gotta be kidding me, no accident, no construction no nothing to cause the traffic jam. I try not to speed to much on my way to work, because I don’t want a ticket but it was hard not to speed but even if I wanted to there was a enough traffic to slow me way down. I am wondering if a lot of people are leaving for extended weekends. moncler outlet