Doing good

Dad has been doing pretty good, hopefully his health stays good for the next 5 to 6months when I am done with my internships. It’s kind of stressful knowing at any minute his health could go south very quickly. He doesn’t watch what he does with his walker so i have bruises from him. And I have to yell at him when he uses it against the animals. I wonder if I can get his walker engraved in case he loses it somewhere or has another visit at the hospital this way we know it’s his and no questions about it. It’s easy to forget things that are needed especially on the days he doesn’t come home. I know that staff at the hospital is often busy.maglia juventus

How dumb can you get

Okay so I am gonna dump beer and alcohol all over my balcony, than I will light illegal fire works and drop lite matches on the person patio who lives be low me. How dump can you get, I don’t want to have a fire because of your irresponsible behaviors. So I can’t have my fire wood outside on the patio where it actually belongs, I have to make sure anything on the balcony isn’t flameable. I have to clean the balcony at least once a week with soap and water just so that my place doesn’t smell like beer or other stuff.
Don’t you know it’s nice and polite between the hours of midnight and 7 am to be quiet and allow other people to sleep, so they can get up refreshed for work. yep I am getting cranky because everyday it’s the same old thing. Get work up, have people throw their beer cans down, or dump it on my patio, not to mention the other garbage they throw down. maglia arsenal

Time to start shopping around

I have been debating if I want to go to my graduation, so I have been looking at flight prices. To be honest I am not sure if I will be able to do it because it pretty expensive hopping on a plane. I could go see family in Illinois for about the same as it would take me to go to Nebraska. I recently looked for HI too because there a conference there that I was interested in potentially going but between the conference fees and air fare fees I think I will pick a better destination. Near family that I can stay with, flying would be a lot faster to get to NE or IL so it is worth the expenses and it’s far better than the boss. I kind of like driving across country but my husband does not like it plus we have a 91 yr old man to consider. I will probably need to wait and take a vacation somewhere after I graduate and work for a year and can earn some extra spending money. When looking for flights it’s best to have 2 to six weeks of time before you go. When I looked for flights in January the price dropped considerably like about half the price of what living this week would cost.
If I plan out for a trip at least a month or so in advance I will be able to spend a lot less money 2 weeks in advance would save roughly 100$ So if I can plan it out maybe earlier than dead last minute taking a vacation might be affordable.
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Move Over

One thing that is driving me batty is that slow cars think it’s a good place for them in the left lane. Now I am not a speed demon or anything but I do go bit above the speed limits. Now if I am passing you in the far left lane it probably not a good thing you’re over there if especially if your not at least going the speed of traffic. Not to mention your just messing with the flow of traffic. I drive everyday 90 or more to my internship four days a week. The last thing I want to do is be behind a car going 60 in a 65 mile a hour zone in the left lane, seriously move over to the right lane or middle lane, make it easier for people to pass you or go with the flow of traffic that would even be better.
The other thing that drives me nuts seriously stop gawking at at garbage crews, and survey crews and accidents keep traffic moving. It shouldn’t take me a hour to get through a 8 mile stretch of road. Keep going I am pretty sure the clean up crew doesn’t need a bunch of people watching them clean up on the side of the road. Do be careful if they are actually close to the road, where they might get ran over but in the grass not to much of a concern there enough space between the Highway and them.Ray Ban outlet