No touching

I am someone who learned to shake hands when I meet people but my internship site has a no touch policy. So this habit is so ingrained that it’s hard to break it. I would never want a for couples massage in chicago maybe my uncle would, but to be honest I don’t like strangers touching me. Shoot sometimes I don’t even like my husband touching me. I am someone who not very touchy feely but I know my uncle and others in my family would love something like a massage.Ray Ban outlet

Holding focus

Sometimes it’s easy to get on rabbit trails and I think I am one of the best people to get off track and rabbit trail it. Holding focus is not hard when its just me, but I have found groups to be more challenging to hold the focus. One thing I am working on is cutting people off or redirecting the groups focus. You know I don’t think classroom experience really helps but the real life experience seems to be the most helpful. I have gotten better at letting my clients do most of the work. I need to learn how to ask my questions clearer and not be so nervous when I do ask my questions. I think I do better by myself in some ways than when I have a experience staff members because I get so nervous my thoughts don’t make it out clearly. moncler outlet

last class finally

I am almost wondering if a behringer x32 would help with the adobe connect issues I have with my mic. Ugh I hate it’s either to loud or to soft. The speakers work pretty good, speaking of that I need to figure out where I put my head phones. I know that most mixers will let headphones work, but I am doubting it would work with the webcam. moncler outlet

two and a half hours later

On Friday I left work at 330, and didn’t make it back until 615pm oh yeah I was happy not. I had to borrow money to get home, because I was stupid and forgot to get my wallet out of my jacket. Ops shoot. There was two accidents on the highway I take. Okay the first one shouldn’t have caused any trouble because only one car was left on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck she wasn’t even in the way. The second accident had several trucks and police on the scene but was pretty much cleaned up by the time I got to the site. What I do not get is why does traffic have to be so horrible on a three to four lane highway where traffic normally goes very smoothly. Shoot during rush hour I am able to drive the speed limit.moncler outlet

So far so good

I have used the same virus detector for the last 3 years and I have not had a infestation yet. I might want to look at avira antivirus premium key when this subscription expires because it might be better. Before our virus software expires for the year or time period we look at several others and compare them and than go with who works the best. I think I have about 6 months left on my current one. I am overall pretty happy but I know to look for something better later. Moncler outlet

7 years on Tuesday

On Tuesday it will be 7 year anniversary and now I have to work all of the hours I am scheduled. I was going to ask to go home early so i could spend time with my husband and dad. Dad is going to be 91 yrs old. I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years that we have been married… 🙂 I have been in school the whole time except for about 2 years maybe a little less. I would rather spend some time with my family on this day than work and drive three hours but I think it’s important for me to complete all the hours I can.maglie calcio poco prezzo

Guess I am waiting till October

There is a part of me wishing I could take a trip to MN so I can get my best marshall 2061x at guitar center well, actually at my friends house. We just talked and she told me that she should be able to ship it out in October. I will need to wait for it to come back. I have all my stuff in the guitar case for playing guitar and my favorite songs. I still play my guitar here that I brought but it’s not like my Fender.maglia calcio poco prezzo

Different cry

It’s amazing how as a pet owner you begin to learn a dog or even cats cry. I can tell when Shadow is in pain or wants to go potty, it’s the same with Otis I can tell when he wants food or water or if he is not feeling good. He has a puke mew and Shadow has a I hurt whine. I have learned to tall it apart. All the way to the vet she was whining and whined awhile I held her. Which isn’t really typical of the dog, but her ears was full of a yeast infection a pretty significant one, I will need to keep a eye on her and make sure she doesn’t end up with a ruptured ear drum. magliette calcio a poco prezzo