They all want me

I have noticed with the animals when they get stressed or are stressed by the environment they all want to be by me. Blue was screaming at my door at 9am this morning when I put him in my hubby room at 4am almost. less than five hours of sleep and the cat is crying. I let him out, and he and Otis both decided they had to be up by my head. I wonder how they will respond to dad’s new that are malleable or how they will handle to it when we have it in the house for the first time. We got dad a wheel chair for when we go out to places that have to much walking.maglia atletico madrid

I got bruises on top of bruises

Last night dad had another episode. He fall into my while I was seating at my desk. He didn’t get hurt but he did lose a toe nail in the process and some bruised ribs. I will need to replace my desk because now it’s very wobbly. I have a couple of new bruises but I bruise very easily. Once again by the time the parametric got her he was responsive again. I have came to learn I do not like having 5 people all talking to me at once. I just do not handle it well, nor do I handle 911 dispatch yelling at us neither when I tell them I am trying to get him on the floor.. Yelling at me is not the best way to keep me or my husband calm. He doesn’t handle stress well and that just makes him more anxious and less likely to listen to anyone. They got her while talking to the dispatcher, but seriously after being told that the dog is in the kennel and won’t be a problem they don’t need to say nothing more about the dog. yes the dog barking but she clearly knows something going on when I am telling my husband to call 911.. I think sometimes people need to have better training in how to deal with certain situation, to begin yelling at me or my husband right away is not going to calm us down. Occhiali Ray Ban