Time to start a job search

I will need to start a job search so that one day I can get a meinl trejon at guitar center if I want to or maybe even get my guitar back from MN. Yep it’s still in MN. I am starting to think I will never see it again. Oh well I have one here that okay, but I rather have my other one. I got my first one from guitar center, so if I get another one I’ll probably go to the one down the street.maglia inter milan

Go out have fun

Yes I will kick my husband out of the house, he been a bit grumpy. He needs a break from his dad and hasn’t had one for a while, so it’s his turn to go out for the day. Next will be my turn. Today dad woke up thinking he was somewhere else and didn’t have to be to work till later in the day. Boy he was hard to get up for his breakfast and AM pills. He finally got up and now he doesn’t want to drink his water so I have to be stubborn with him. Something tells me today might not be pleasant for me at all.maglia juventus

I wonder if I remember

When I was in elementary school I played trumpet, I wonder if I still could play a getzen trumpet. To be honest I have never liked the wind instruments but trumpet and flute I did enjoy, but I would much rather listen to it. I would rather sing or play guitar, I haven’t even done that outside of service or in my car driving home, I am pretty sure people think I am talking to myself or just a odd duck but that okay. I wonder what they would do if I started playing the trumpet while driving, grant it I wouldn’t be able to but it would be funny to see it. Guess they would need cars that can drive themselves. maglia borussia dortmund

Almost done

I have finally completed my internship hours, now I am just waiting on the results of comprehensive exams and internship class. I got 2 weeks left of the internship class, well everything due on the 10th so I only really have one more week. By the end of next month I will hopefully get feedback on the comprehensive exams. I will be happy when I finally get my degree! I have worked so hard on it and really the last 6 to 9 months I have hardly had any time for myself. This weekend, I just wanted to stay home and do nothing, I still feel that way. I think I need a break or something. Now is the time to look at a couple of things I guess that I could do with my family that would be good for us.
On the family front things aren’t going so great, Dad has gotten worst mentally. His most recent thing is thinking it okay to not clean himself up after accidents or making a huge mess and not telling me about it. I don’t care if he has a accident but I do care if it drys on to things, and if it just get thrown in the laundry with out me being told. It’s hard to get stinky stuff out of clothes. He’s attitude sucks too. maglia bayern monaco

To much noise is not good for me

I have noticed if there is a lot of noise it stresses me out, causes me to get a head ache and makes me grumpier. In my family everything have to be on lower than anyone else wants it. I like to listen to music in my car i like it louder just so i can hear it over the road noise would be nice to maybe have a excellent crown xls in the car sometimes. maglia barcellona

Black cat and Halloween

I decided last night to pull in the little stray cat, for a few hours. I do not trust people not to harm her, she so sweet and gentle. I am wondering if she might be owned. She didn’t even go potty in the apartment I was sure she would have I showed her the cat litter and told her go there. I didn’t hear her or the other in the cat litter but when she was let out this morning she went and did her business right away. So maybe she just knew better. Who knows. I figure there are so many people who do horrible things to animals and I didn’t want them doing something horrible to her just because she affectionate. She sleep on the sofa with me and Otis she crawled right up to him. Otis accepted it like a champ but goodness I was to hot with them too.maglia real madrid