Thinking about the past

When I was about 20 years old I use to sing with a oldies garage band for lack of better words. We had fun but honestly hind sight being 20/20 we would have never made it beyond that. Not because of a lack of talent except for maybe me playing bass guitar. I enjoy playingexciting fender coronado bass at Musicians FriendMaglie Calcio poco prezzo

Keeping your word

I have notice not may people actually do keep there words. I am someone who tries to keep my yes yes and my no nos. Sometimes I do not succeed at this neither but I do try. The thing that drives me most nuts is when people tell me they will be at a certain place at a certain time but do not show up, or even bother calling you to let you know they are running late. I am someone who tends to run a bit on the early side. I try to allow for people being caught up in traffic. The other thing that bugs me abet is when people expect me to break my word even if it’s on a silly game. If i tell someone I will level a toon and keep it with them, than I do this and only play that toon if we both can play. A lot of people do not understand to me it’s as simple as I said I would do something so I will do what I said.
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I wouldnt get away with that

I am mean to my husband sometimes. Last night we went to a party. Dad came with us. Well my husband told our hostess that he wouldn’t get away with that at home. I said yeah because your lazy. I was teasing him because he thinks he doesn’t get away with stuff. But he does get away with a lot more than he thinks he does. He will be the one that does the real estate checklist when we decide to buy a house and I will go back through it and tell him he miss things, because that how it works. He is good at researching different products he likes doing that I don’t. When it comes to finding certain things like going shopping I am lazy. I just want to get my items and get out, he wants to wander about this is irritating to me. magliette calcio a poco prezzo

Firm but with Love

Sometimes it hard to be firm with people you love, but it is required especially when you take care of the person daily. This is something my husband and I are face with and people who do not know us well might assume our firmness is us being disrespectful. It not its the only way we have gotten dad to follow through with what he needs to do like drinking his water. I will bribe him if I have to to get him to drink enough water. Dad if you drink this before we go you can have coffee. This tactic works nicely and yes it is caffeine free. We have to tell him to get up and go to the bathroom every couple of hours, if we don’t he will forget to go and have a accident. His body isn’t telling or his brain isn’t receiving certain messages. maglie serie a

Why don’t you play

Dad recently asked me why I do not play guitar or sing as much as i used to. I haven’t lost interest maybe I am just not inspired right now. Its been a while since I have felt inspired but to be honest. Singing and playing guitar I like doing it privately with no one around until I am ready to share. Since everyone is always home I don’t feel like doing it. I don’t want someone interjecting their ideas, or thoughts I simply want to play, now a lot of what i write seems to have a chromaharp strings at music123, very folky but I enjoy writing. Last night one of the ladies form my congregation gave me a dairy. To be honest, I won’t use it as a dairy I might use it to write lyrics because I hardly ever right in a dairy since using my blogs to talk about my life. Songs I use to work through the feelings, maybe right now I am just not at a place to work through some of the feelings I have.maglia ac milan

Caretaking sometimes hard

I will again explain that my husband dad has Alzheimer and Dementia, and sometimes it is a burden to take care of him. We love him and always want to do what is best for him, even though he will fight us tooth and nail. He gets mad sometimes at us because we do not let him set in his own accidents. If I don’t have a change of clothes we leave right away. I am sorry but I would do the same with a child. There are days I feel like I am dealing with a three year old. What has amazed me the last couple of weeks, is dad has managed to pee on himself but his adult diaper is still dry. So all my husband and I can think is that maybe dad is trying to stand up and pee, and since he is not steady on his feet he can’t aim. Sorry if I offend someone but people who care for elderly men might understand what I am saying. My husband and I have told him seat down when you go pee, it’s okay. My husband even told dad last night he sometimes seats too just because it easier. Don’t know what my husband means as I am not a man. Yes I am talking about peeing. Geesh what has my life came to as a caretaker.
Dad has been more confused lately. Last night when we got home, since he hadn’t peed in the adult diaper decided to just have him get in his PJs just so I could find out that overnight he went through the 3 that where already cleaned. Ugh! okay fine I will do laundry but in the mean time you can wear the nightgown Mom (husband mom, dad’s wife) made for you guys many moons ago. Well I went out of the room because dad for the most can dress himself. He had the top of his nightgown on his stomach it was upside down. You know how hard it is to fix that when it not meant to go over the shoulders and chest. Finally I got him out of his trip, and helped him put on his nightgown. He can’t button his own shirts so I will need to get him some tops that are nice for Sabbath. maglia roma
It is frustrating to have to leave parties, Sabbath services and other things because dad has a accident it’s also frustrating for him to. There are days he doesn’t want to go anywhere, because he worried he will have a accident. The thing is I know he won’t remember anything we talked about recently.