So many choices

When I wanted a keyboard a long time ago I had a lot of choices. I wont get another keyboard again anytime soon but if i do now I will have even more options. I have my preferred brands but a new one I will look at if i decide i want a new keyboard is cool williams keyboard at musicians friend. I have also enjoyed playing to guitar over the keyboard, don’t get me wrong I like using it for something but I have always preferred the guitar because to me it’s easier. moncler outlet

Keep your thoughts to yourself

The other day my husband and I went out on our date night. My husband is protective of me and sometimes will engage in people stupidity. I love my husband but I think he could have ignored the women who should have simply kept her thoughts to herself. Chiptole is where we go often, they are good dealing with my gluten-allergy and I have never had a negative reaction most of the staff there know me. They ran out of clean serving spoons, and the lady behind us had told my husband. That gluten-free is such bull**** and was just stupid and not needed. My husband tried explaining to this woman that my wife is allergic to gluten, and no its not a fade it’s something she must do not to have a hospital bill. The lady kept it up and my husband got rather annoyed. moncler outlet
The thing is if people are not familiar with food allergies or never experience a food allergy they do not know. Some people are rather rude about it and try to make the person who has a allergy feel bad about it. I don’t its a allergy and the restaurant knows how to deal with it. They are good and I haven’t had a reaction because they are careful. So yes it might slow up the line and I understand people do not want to wait but that doesn’t mean that something a crock of crap because someone has a problem.

Gotta find something

I have been looking for a job this week. I haven’t heard much back and not sure I will because I am in the rough place in my degree. I am done with everything except for my comprehensive exams. They are in March so I am hoping I pass them and can really open the door for employment. I have no clue how long it will take to get my degree so I can hang it up hopefully it will be quick, probably not as fast as using printing services nyc because a degree is different. Moncler outlet

Good and Bad days come and go

Yesterday was not a good day with dad. He was grumpy and hard to deal with, so it was easier to ignore him and have my headsets on all day. Today he is in a good mood he seems like he might actually be happy. 🙂 i am not sure how happy but he smiling today and seems cheerful
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