We can walk almost everywhere.

My husband and I are walking a lot again. He doing it to lose weight and I am also but for less than he needs to. It drives me nuts that he losing weight so fast and I am going at it so slowly, even tho I eat right, and I am more active than he. So he tells me every week what he lost and some days I just want to tell him shut the heck up. Especially the weak i gained weight and not lost.. Yeah that was really nice. I dance most Saturdays, and I walk daily. I tend to speed walk when I am alone. Before we got married I was very active and became less so because my husband not very active. When we got married we both probably could have used some wedding dance lessons santa monica, because neither of us are good dancer. Now he can sing, and we didn’t have much dancing at our wedding. Well He been diagnose with diabetics and has to lose a lot of weight. Hopefully I dont gain what he loses.moncler outlet


I have been looking for a job for some time, and I finally got one. Well now I get to fill out all the paper work, and wait for a background check to come in. What I hate most about new jobs is the background check. Just because the wait is so long, and because I have done a couple recently. But companies require there own done. At least I was able to find a place that does finger printing for cheaper than what I did for my internships. Now with that being said, I can’t wait to actually start working, because I know this will be a good fit for me.moncler outlet

Hold the beat

I was taking my walk and heard someone playing the guitar. I struggle with holding the beat but this person was really struggling. Because I heard his melody I was able to figure out what the song was but not with how he was playing. He needs a friend that has musiciansfriend that can play the drums for him. I wish that I would have been able to learn how to play, but shoot i use to be able to play keyboard to a point and I still play around with the guitar. I really do miss my guitar.moncler outlet

Wow its been a while

I have really fallen behind on keeping up on my blogs here. Well lets see life has been busy kind of. Dad is doing well for the most but his memory issues are a lot worst. This is all apart of caring for someone with Alzheimer and dementia I haven’t had much to write because I just simply been busy. Plus I been trying to find a job that flexible enough that will allow me to still care for dad, this has been a near impossible task for me.

My husband and I are back to walking daily again, we had fallen out of the habit when dad started getting worst. Well we now just make our life revolve around dad needs.
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Last month my 20 year old cat passed away. This was very hard to deal with because I had him for most of his life, and he was my pall. I still miss him, it took me quiet a while to get use to him not being near me while I slept.

I graduated from my master program end of May so I am finally all done with school. I am so glad to be done, I have graduated and did good in my program, now the hardest thing finding a job.