We can walk almost everywhere.

My husband and I are walking a lot again. He doing it to lose weight and I am also but for less than he needs to. It drives me nuts that he losing weight so fast and I am going at it so slowly, even tho I eat right, and I am more active than he. So he tells me every week what he lost and some days I just want to tell him shut the heck up. Especially the weak i gained weight and not lost.. Yeah that was really nice. I dance most Saturdays, and I walk daily. I tend to speed walk when I am alone. Before we got married I was very active and became less so because my husband not very active. When we got married we both probably could have used some wedding dance lessons santa monica, because neither of us are good dancer. Now he can sing, and we didn’t have much dancing at our wedding. Well He been diagnose with diabetics and has to lose a lot of weight. Hopefully I dont gain what he loses.moncler outlet

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