Aging with grace

This post will be about Alzheimer and Dementia, my family has faced and experienced it for the last several years with my husband dad. As a caretaker it takes a toll, and often people from the outside even those who know you well just do not understand. They don’t understand why sometimes you can be very direct when it’s your parent, and hey its not honoring them to be direct. So when dad refuses to drink his water in public when we are out for several hours people don’t understand the worry my husband and I have because we know if he dehydrates to much he will get ill. We will end up in the ER, but when I have been direct with him, people think I am mean. I can’t help but feel that this isn’t being mean this is making sure he stays healthy.
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Dad has been getting more confused lately especially at night. When he goes to bed he often doesn’t remember where he’s room or bathroom is so we have to tell him, than it like his processing of the information is gone too. He will still be confused when we tell him where his bedroom is even though he is holding the bedroom door nob. It sometimes frustrating to watch this and often we don’t know how to respond when he looking in his room and asking where he gonna sleep. I think that is the worst when they are right there, getting ready to go to bed, not realizing there room is where they are at.

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