Here kitty kitty

I decided to get Whisp a collar because I am taking her to the vet next week to get fixed. But its one of those programs where you drop them off at a local pet store and pick them back up. This way if I have something on her to say hey she is mine. This would make identifying her easier.. She is about 18 months is my guess now.. Last Halloween we brought her in and she was still to young to have kitten so I am pretty sure she not 2 yet but she could be close.. Now she is hiding on me, like you put this on me why.. it has a pretty little flower on it too.. Not that I am fond of things like that but my husband thought it was good for a girl cat. We got Blue our male cat a royal purple with gray strips one too.. But Craig only wants it on him when we take him to the vet. I would rather have a tag on both of them just incase they get out, this way someone who finds them can call us. but than again Blue should have a chip in him. Ray Ban outlet

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