Stressed out

I have been up almost all night because Dad. He is trying to walk around with out his walker. He just fall again because, you guessed it I don’t need my damn walker, so BlANK you. I don’t want to use it even though I can barely stand on my own two feet with out having balance issues.. He just broke the cat scratching post and hit his head into the TV stand. Thank God the TV didn’t fall down on his head, we’d have a whole other issue to death with which I do not even want to think about. His been refusing to drink his water, and gets mad tries to tell me he already drank 5 bottles of water this morning before I got up.. I know this isn’t possible because when he is up I am up. Yep… No way he would drink all that water with out me knowing about it.
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I understand this is all a progression of his illness. Dementia and Alzheimer, this is the worst thing a person can get because it takes them away slowly. It’s painful to watch and have to deal with, especially when you have to be almost like a drill Sargent with him. If your not overly direct almost rude he thinks its a joke or a game. He doesn’t realize that it’s not a joke or a game, that it’s very important. I have tried often asking him nicely to do what needs to be done just to have him stick his tongue out at at, or tell me Blank you, or curse at me in some other way. BUt when I am You are going to drink your water. We use bribes for him to drink his water but sometimes that does work. The last couple of days that what its been like..

I guess I am just glad the TV didn’t come crashing down on his head. He’s not replaceable, the tv might be but not easily with how much income my husband and I lose over the month because of caring full time for him.. I am really hoping we get approve for respite care grant here so that we can have some relief.

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