Wow its been a while

I have really fallen behind on keeping up on my blogs here. Well lets see life has been busy kind of. Dad is doing well for the most but his memory issues are a lot worst. This is all apart of caring for someone with Alzheimer and dementia I haven’t had much to write because I just simply been busy. Plus I been trying to find a job that flexible enough that will allow me to still care for dad, this has been a near impossible task for me.

My husband and I are back to walking daily again, we had fallen out of the habit when dad started getting worst. Well we now just make our life revolve around dad needs.
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Last month my 20 year old cat passed away. This was very hard to deal with because I had him for most of his life, and he was my pall. I still miss him, it took me quiet a while to get use to him not being near me while I slept.

I graduated from my master program end of May so I am finally all done with school. I am so glad to be done, I have graduated and did good in my program, now the hardest thing finding a job.

Know whats covered

Last year with my care insurance here, I had to learn quickly how many times I could call for road side assistance. I think my car had other things in mind thing getting me where I wanted to go. I have a good insurance agent where I live and those can be hard to find. At least I dont have to have one car insurance agency in burlington because that would be a bit for for me to walk to their office or mail thing stuff that is needed. At least they are in the same city and it only takes a few minutes to drive up the hill.moncler outlet

Really come on

It is amazing how some people will make comments and you just want to say Oh Really come on, you can’t seriously believe that for a minute. Oh even facebook post where people believe things and when you read it, you realize the person doesn’t even write half as good as you. It just amazing me how people will fall for the same old thing over and over.moncler outlet

Line in or line out

Last night I had a dream about when i use to play keyboard and had a program that worked for recording what i played on the keyboard. I loved it especially when my friend who played the keyboard was around because we could see what she was doing and I didn’t have to try to hand right everything down. I use to think at that time boy I wish i could do it with my guitar but I have never found any programs like this that would show me what I did on guitar. I wonder if guitarport from guitar center would help with that I know it says u can record but record and compose are two different things it seems.moncler outlet

Fire place Yumm

If my cat could talk I think he would say “Fire place Yumm” I really like that even though you have know cleaned it good. Yep I am gonna go in there and eat anything i can find that ash.. I can’t figure out why my cat keeps going in there.. He is a black and white cat, I have yet to figure out how he gets opens the screen i guess it pretty easy to open. At least the fire place is now clean and I dont have to worry about him making himself a big mess. I will need to find a good fireplace gate to keep him out.. Now he got our younger cat doing the same thing. I wonder what they like so much, it’s not like we cook any food in it. That I could understand because food might still have a taste of some type maybe he enjoys eating the ash but why would he.. Sometimes I wish I could have a actual conversation with him, about fire is bad, ash is worst so leave it alone. moncler outlet

Nice weather

The last couple of days the weather has been prefect. I took the dog out for a walk today and she simply didn’t want to do her business. I ran to the pet store and the bank today. I decided to park at the pet store so i could get the dog her flea stuff and i looked at some of their this site for fashion jewelry for dogs, well I guess cats could wear it too.. I also found disposable booties for dogs, I have never seen them but they are supposed to be water proof, I’d rather just buy booties that can be reused over and over.moncler outlet

Really what did you expect to happen

This week there was a news story on and I am sorry the cat should not be kept with the owners they do not seem to know how to handle their animal. Yes the animal scratched the baby but I am almost willing to bet it was not intentional, the cat might not have simply been playing or gotten frighten from the child. The owner of the cat decided kicking it would be the best way to interact with the animal, okay really you think the cat gonna be friendly and not chase you into the bedroom. If you treat a animal badly they might get aggressive with it. Cats get scared they will respond to that fair.
When I first had gotten Otis my rescue cat I had him about a year, and I was blow drying my hair Otis got fearful and attacked my hand going for the blow drier. He did some damage it was a lot worst than a scratch. I didn’t kick him or hit him or anything. I locked him in the bedroom for a bit until he calmed down. Moncler outlet
After I had cleaned my wound and made sure it wasn’t deep enough for going to the doctor. I knew to keep a eye on it incase it got infected but nothing came of it. Otis after he had a chance to calm down was fine, what I learned is do not blow dry my hair around the cat, close the bathroom door or lock him away until he gets used to hearing the nose. I never had trouble with otis attacking me or making me need to call the cops for help. Seriously if you mistreat a animal and I am pretty sure this is probably not the first time they have kicked the cat. Had i been a police officer on the scene I would have removed the animal.

not dressing up

I havent had to dressed up at all, niether has my husband but lately I have been feeling like something gonna make us have to dress up. I dont think its like some cheap tuxedos dress up but there just seems to be some things. We haven’t had to really dressed up since our wedding day thank goodness. I am glad I dont have to dress up really fancy for most things. I am not a high heel kindof girl even when I dress up I like flats they are so much safer for me. Maglie Calcio Poco prezzo

Normally I wouldn’t

Today i had to go to Walmart and get a car battery. While I was checking out i had asked the cashier a question, batteries are heavy for cars and I was hoping to make it easier. Well the lady behind me, offered to give me a ride home. I had a good feeling about her, it was a instinct of I knew I would be safe. It was a real blessing not to have to carry my battery around and lately I have well been feeling like there are not many good people in this world. Kind of the feeling of they come far and few between, but there are still good people out there and it was refreshing to run into someone who was safe, and helpful. Walking that battery home would have been hard. Walmart is 1.3 miles from where I live. Normally it takes me about 20 minutes give or take. Carrying my battery would have took a lot longer. After I had gotten home with her hope and i had finish my car I had realized that she reminded me of a good friend from the Midwest funny thing is she was from the midwest also. Camisetas De Futbol Baratas

This is a good idea

I wouldnt mind being able to play my guitar with out someone hearing what I am doing so sometimes i wish i could have affordable rockman, that would mute the nose coming out and just allow me to hear it from a headset. I hardly pick up my guitar because everyone so close that I just don’t feel i can play with out having more sets of ears than just my own. I am someone i am very private when it comes to creating, and learning.Camisetas De Futbol Baratas

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