The purpose for this Blog

I think it would be good for me to share why I write this blog. This blog are my thoughts, what I am going through with my family, or sometimes or just because I simply want to write about traffic. Sometimes I write about my family struggles with Alzheimer’s and dementia my intention is to help others understand what it is like living with someone with Alzheimer’s and for some people who are living this experience similar to me, to gain understanding of what is happening to their love one. I want my readers to understand when I share something it is not my intention to cause hurt, reveal family secrets or even to make people uncomfortable with me. The reason for this blog is to help people who feel alone maybe not feel alone, maybe even to help them speak to their doctor about the symptoms their love one is facing.

My husband and I have for several years cared for his father, who we love dearly. Sometimes I write to have relief from the frustration of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and dementia it is painful to watch him go threw this and I know there other other people who are similar to me. I want to help people feel like they are not the only one’s going through this, that there are others out there who experience similar situations. It is difficult to live with someone with Alzheimer’s and dementia. When dad was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia it was hard to find information on it and honestly my husband and I didn’t find a support group until we moved to Oregon. This was hard, so my blog in many ways became away to deal with losing someone who I love like a father, who I care about, he is one of the most important men in my life, and sometimes I just need to write.